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CryptoAML –

A comprehensive digital asset surveillance and crypto transaction monitoring platform

Helping issuers and other stakeholders gain deeper insights of their digital asset tokens, monitor & report suspicious transactions and prevent money laundering .

About CryptoAML

Empowering institutions with tools to monitor digital asset token activity, effectively manage and eliminate the misuse of digital asset tokens

The exponential growth of crypto-assets has led to a global interest in digital assets, security tokens, stablecoins & the underlying Blockchain technology. Despite the popularity of the system, it is not without its detractors who insist that it supports criminal and illicit activities. From notorious darknet marketplaces to money laundering & capital flight, crypto tokens have been seen associated with unlawful pursuits. While institutions, governments and regulatory bodies worldwide have begun taking note of this highly disruptive socio-economic challenge, they and the token issuers have limited tools for identifying such illicit activities and ensuring compliance.Closing the data gaps associated with this new asset class continues to be a significant challenge for all those involved, directly or indirectly.To effectively manage the risks and spillover effects of crypto assets to the real economy requires a refined approach towards monitoring and analytics.

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CryptoAML provides a comprehensive set of tools to empower digital asset issuers and related stakeholders to help create a healthy digital asset ecosystem. The platform allows institutions to effectively monitor and manage digital asset related accounts and transactions so that these are not manipulated or used for suspicious or fraudulent activities. With verifiable data on account holders, comprehensive transaction monitoring and in-depth reporting functionality, digital asset issuers can be sure to tick all the boxes and together with regulators create a safe, secure and compliant digital asset market for all.

CryptoAML – Token Surveillance and Crypto Transaction Monitoring

Key Features

CryptoAML helps digital asset issuers to easily and effectively identify suspicious activity, report anomalies and comply with AML regulations around the globe

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